San Dieguito River Park

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Did you know over 200 bird species have been observed at this lagoon?

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The lagoon’s specialized habitats provide bird species with many different resources including shelter, food and reproductive opportunities. Due to multiple habitat types at the lagoon, this allows for a large diversity of bird species.

Several bird species live in and around the lagoon year-round, while others use it only during certain seasons or months. Some birds only spend winter here, others come to breed and raise young in spring and summer, while still others only stop over to rest and refuel during migration along the Pacific Flyway. With over 200 different bird species that can be found at the lagoon, the assortment changes from month to month so there will always be new birds to discover.

There are four endangered bird species that can be found at this lagoon. They are endangered due to their requirements of specialized habitats that are becoming rarer. The four species are the belding’s subspecies of savannah sparrow, the clapper rail, the California gnatcatcher, and the least tern.

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Clapper Rail

"Beldings" Savannah Sparrow

California Gnatcatcher

Least Tern




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