San Dieguito River Park

- 12 -

What are the small bird species flying just above the water’s surface?

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You are most likely seeing some type of swallow. There are six different swallow species found here at the lagoon. These species include the northern rough-winged swallows, violet-green swallows, tree swallows, bank swallows, barn swallows & the cliff swallow. They are insectivores and eat during flight. Some species are seen year round and others migrate here during their breeding season. Cliff swallows are the most common of the species found here and breed in large colonies by building conical mud nests. They do so by collecting small amounts of wet soil and forming it into a ball-like structure. They then build a large enough enclosed nest with just enough room for them to get in and out. You may see some as you walk under the freeway underpass.




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