San Dieguito River Park

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Interpretive Walk

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1. Welcome to the San Dieguito Lagoon!

2. Important Goals of the Park

3. Lagoon Boardwalk

4. Lagoon Restoration Project

5. Grand Avenue Bridge History

6. History of the Del Mar Fairgrounds

7. What is the Preservation History of the Park?

8. Restoration and Creation of the Lagoon and Wetlands

9. Crest Canyon Hiking Trail

10. How does the Interstate 5 Freeway affect the San Dieguito Lagoon?

11. Fish of the Lagoon

12. What are the small bird species flying just above the water’s surface?

13. What is the white fenced area off in the distance?

14. Habitat Types

15. Wetlands

16. What are the effects of invasive plants and animals on the San Dieguito River Park?

17. Treatment Ponds

18. How do the tides affect the lagoon and all the animals that live here?

19. Did you know over 200 bird species have been observed at this lagoon?

20. Mile Marker Program