San Dieguito River Park

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What are the effects of invasive plants and animals on the San Dieguito River Park?

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Invasive plants and animals were introduced to the area when settlers discovered the San Dieguito River Valley. The settlers brought them as sources of food, medicines and to aid in building or railroad construction. Some invasives were transported accidentally by way of wheels, animals, and or clothing. Invasive plants and animals are introduced species that can thrive in areas beyond their natural habitat/range of dispersal. They out-compete resources of native species by quickly adapting, being aggressive, having a high reproductive capacity and not having any natural predators in their new environment.

Although the San Dieguito River Park Rangers do a wonderful job of removing these non-native invasive species, the Lagoon is not immune to invasive plants and animals. Some examples of invasives found here are the zebra mussel, ice plant, and yellow mustard. The Park is constantly working on restoration projects and rely heavily on volunteer support. If you would like to be a part of preserving and restoring this natural resource please visit our website at




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